special trial course for first 50

I’m very happy to start my Job as a photographer. As I’m a mom of three kids, I really feel it’s no exaggeration when people say the first year goes so fast.  Baby grows while you blink.  That’s the enough reason people want take baby photo.
Now, I’d like to offer you a Special Trial Session for first 50 clients.

・Price:  ¥3,000 (5cuts)
・Place:  KOBUTA PHOTO’s place(details later)
・Period   30~45mins(including shooting, choosing photos)

Photos will be sent digitaly.
Bring your own clothes, and you can change clothes if needed. Baby toys are welcome!

you can bring your own baby toys.

ex, When they can sit up on their own and before they start crawling is best time for 6 month session. 

Reservation can be made from Here or this Link below↓
RESERVA予約システムから予約する (←all in Japanese)